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Teacher Employment Made Easy

Professionals that Make the Right Match

We are a team of professionals that partner with our clients to find the right match. Apace provides a range of efficient and innovative recruitment solutions for several educational institutions in China. We have been successful in recruiting skilled educators to assist a variety of educational institutions in achieving their goals.

Working in China

It is illegal to work in China without a work visa. Therefore, it is advisable not to leave for China without a legal work visa (z-visa). Working on a tourist, student or business visa can lead to severe consequences. According to the Chinese regulations; work visas (z-visa) may only be issued to persons aged 24 to 55.

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When you're in need of a dependable Employment Consultant, do not hesitate, contact us immediately. Xiaoyun or Neil will promptly attend to your unique requirements.

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Step 1

Email us a short self-introduction (video-clip) with your CV and a certified copy(s) of your qualification(s), at least Bachelors or Higher. On receipt of these documents, we will negotiate with our clients, (schools, colleges and universities) and find you the right match. After that, you will receive an offer of employment.

Step 2

Once you accepted our offer of employment and sign the necessary documentation, we will assist you in submitting your documentation to your prospective employer. Afterwards, you will receive an official contract of employment for your signature.

Step 3

On receipt of your signed contract, verification of qualifications and a police clearance, you will receive a letter of invitation from the relevant school, college or university to come to China. With a doctors medical certificate you can now submit all the documents to the Chinese Embassy for your work visa (z-visa).

The Employment Process

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